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Collection of Cybersecurity Tools and Resources

Cybersecurity Tools

Collection of Cybersecurity Tools


Android Cybersecurity: A set of resources for Android security.


Android Cybersecurity : A collection of android security related resources.

  1. AndroTotal
  2. Appknox – not free
  3. NVISO ApkScan
  4. AVC UnDroid
  5. Virustotal – max 128MB
  6. Fraunhofer App-ray – not free
  7. AppCritique – Upload your Android APKs and receive comprehensive free security assessments.
  8. NowSecure Lab Automated – Enterprise tool for mobile app security testing both Android and iOS mobile apps. Lab Automated features dynamic and static analysis on real devices in the cloud to return results in minutes. Not free
  9. AMAaaS – Android Malware Analysis as a Service. A baremetal service features static and dynamic analysis for Android applications. A product of MalwarePot.Free
App android Vulnerability Scanners
  1. QARK – QARK by LinkedIn is for app developers to scan app for security issues
  2. AndroBugs
  3. Nogotofail



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