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CyberAttack Tools to Improve Security

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CyberAttack Tools to Improve Security


In this article, we will show you many Cyber Attack simulation tools to improve your security.


1 – Infection Monkey

Infection Monkey is an open source simulation tool for Rape and Attack (BAS) that assesses the resilience of public and private cloud environments to post-rape attacks and lateral movements.

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2 – Threatcare

Threatcare’s Free BAS Solution allows pentesters, security analysts, red and blue teamers to learn the basics of Breach and Attack Simulations and monitor local traffic to see if your network is secure.

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CALDERA only supports Windows Enterprise networks configured as a Windows domain. Indeed, the techniques and tactics currently integrated in CALDERA are exclusive to Windows domains. Despite this, the CALDERA server can be installed on Linux or Windows.

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4 – Foreseeti

The preveti software enables companies to perform threat simulations and cyber risk simulations in computer architectures of interconnected infrastructures on a global scale. With our securiCAD product, our customers can assess the strength and risk exposure of your company’s IT architecture. By revealing the technical and structural vulnerabilities of IT infrastructures, securiCAD enables IT decision-makers to access the benefits of IT architecture, both from a technical and a structural point of view.

5 – AttackIQ
AttackIQ provides continuous validation of your organization’s security program to help you improve your security and responsiveness.

SCYTHE enables organizations to continually assess their posture and risk exposure. SCYTHE combines attack and violation simulation capabilities with vulnerability assessment and intrusion testing capabilities to continuously assess the security status of an organization as a whole, without requiring expensive training, technical expertise or complex configuration.




CyberAttack Tools to Improve Security



Janusec Application Gateway

Anti-DDOS – Anti DDOS Bash Script

WebMap – Nmap Web Dashboard And Reporting


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