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Ddos2Track – HTTP Floods attacks

HTTP Floods attacks

Ddos2Track – HTTP Floods attacks


with this tool Ddos2Track you can block HTTP Floods Attacks and analyze them with a honeypot, this script help you to avoid HTTP Floods attacks, log the attacker IP Addresses and Traffic, and Send you an email to warn that you are behind an attack.

also If any attacker attack your server in preconfigured port (80), the detector will redirect all attacker requests to the honeypot during 5 seconds and next the attacker IP will be blocked.

To view all DDoS Requests you can view the logs at ‘/tools/analyzer/ddos.log’ To view all attackers IPs you can view it at ‘tools/detector/attackers.txt’


  • INSTALLING Ddos2Track



chmod 777


  • USING Ddos2Track


Download HTTP Floods Attacks



Anti-DDOS – Anti DDOS Bash Script


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