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Facebook Messages Of 81,000 Users Up For Sale

Hacked Users Facebook

Facebook Messages Of 81,000 Users Up For Sale


The hackers posted private messages from the compromised accounts of some 81,000 Facebook users and offered them for sale on Deep Web.

The hackers told BBC News that they held personal data on more than 120 million accounts, including many users whose data was stored in Ukraine and Russia, but also in the United Kingdom, the United States, in Brazil and other countries.

The breach was discovered in September 2018, when a user named FBSaler posted an ad on a Deep Web Internet forum, offering to sell the details of 120 million Facebook accounts at 10 cents a year.

However, Facebook responded to the report, claiming that its security had not been compromised and that the news had been leaked via malicious browser extensions.

Facebook Messages Of 81,000 Users Up For Sale


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