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GoScan Interactive Network Scanner

GoScan Network Scanner

GoScan Interactive Network Scanner


GoScan is an interactive network scanner client, featuring auto-completion, which provides abstraction and automation over nmap.


GoScan is also particularly suited for unstable environments (think unreliable network connectivity, lack of “screen“, etc.), given that it fires scans and maintain their state in an SQLite database.

Scans runs in the background (detached from the main thread), so even if connection to the box running GoScan is lost, results can be uploaded asynchronously (more on this below).

That is, data can be imported into GoScan at different stages of the process, without the need to restart the entire process from scratch if something goes wrong.

Binary installation (Recommended)

# Linux (64bit)
$ wget https://github.com/marco-lancini/goscan/releases/download/v2.1/goscan_2.1_linux_amd64.zip
$ unzip goscan_2.1_linux_amd64.zip

# Linux (32bit)
$ wget https://github.com/marco-lancini/goscan/releases/download/v2.1/goscan_2.1_linux_386.zip
$ unzip goscan_2.1_linux_386.zip

# After that, place the executable in your PATH
$ chmod +x goscan
$ sudo mv ./goscan /usr/local/bin/goscan


Build from source

$ git clone https://github.com/marco-lancini/goscan.git
$ cd goscan/goscan/
$ make setup
$ make build

To create a multi-platform binary, use the cross command via make:

$ make cross


$ git clone https://github.com/marco-lancini/goscan.git
$ cd goscan/
$ docker-compose up --build


GoScan Interactive Network Scanner


Source Goscan


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