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Hackers steal 100 million Quora users

Hackers Quora

Hackers steal 100 million Quora users


Quora is a place where you can gather and share knowledge. It is a platform where questions can be asked and contacts established. According to about 100 million users, this is possible after a “malicious third party” has access to one of the company’s computer systems.

Quora discovered the security breach on Friday, November 30, discovering that access to the user’s data was being performed by an unauthorized third party. So far, the company has focused on notifying all users whose personal data may have been disclosed to about one-third of the site’s accounts.

Data that hackers may have accessed includes names, email addresses, data imported from linked accounts, hashed passwords, and direct messages.

For security reasons, the Quora manager is now warning users whose data has been compromised and informing all concerned Quora users and law enforcement agencies. He has commissioned a leading business in forensics and digital security.

However, Quora has recommended its users not to use the same password as Quora for several services and advised them to change it when they do.


Hackers steal 100 million Quora users


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