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PortSmash Exploits Hyper-Threading to Steal Encrypted Data

PortSmash Exploits

PortSmash Exploits Hyper-Threading to Steal Encrypted Data



Security researchers have discovered a side-channel attack, known as PortSmash, that affects Intel chips and could allow attackers access to encrypted data processed from a computer’s CPU.

the new side-channel vulnerability resides in Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology, the company’s implementation of Simultaneous MultiThreading (SMT).

also Researchers claimed that they notified Intel of the vulnerability at the beginning of October, the same day that a proof-of-concept code was published on Github to show how the attack would work on Intel’s Skylake and Kaby Lake architectures.

in order for PortSmash to work, the malicious code must run on the same processor as the target machine. Brumley’s team has not tested PortSmash on AMD processors, but the plan is to see if the same kind of attack can happen on Ryzen processors in the future.


Intel CPU Flaw Exploits Hyper-Threading to Steal Encrypted Data



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