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RapidScan – Web Vulnerability Scanner

RapidScan Web Vulnerability Scanner

RapidScan – Web Vulnerability Scanner


RapidScan For a Pentester, it is very tedious to perform simplified tools analysis (run the security analysis tools one at a time) without automation. If you’re not an automation pro, it’s a herculean task to do a burst scan for every engagement.

The ultimate goal of this program is to solve this problem through automation. to know. Run multiple scanning tools to detect vulnerabilities, effectively evaluate false alarms, correlate results, and save valuable time. all under one roof.

Vulnerability checks:
DNS / HTTP load balancers and web application firewalls.
Verified on Joomla, WordPress and Drupal
SSL-related vulnerabilities (HEARTBLEED, FREAK, POODLE, CCS injection, LOGJAM, OCSP stapling).
Frequently open ports.
DNS zone transfers with multiple tools (Fierce, DNSWalk, DNSRecon, DNSEnum).
Brutal Force subdomains.
Forcing raw Open Directory / File.
Flat XSS, SQLi and BSQLi banners.
Slow DoS Loris attack, local file inclusion (LFI), remote file inclusion (RFI), and Remote Code Execution (RCE).


Download the script and give executable permissions

  • wget -O rapidscan.py https://raw.githubusercontent.com/skavngr/rapidscan/master/rapidscan.py && chmod +x rapidscan.py


Interface of Target :  ./rapidscan {targer url}


RapidScan – Web Vulnerability Scanner


DC-5 vulnhub walkthrough

DC-4 vulnhub walkthrough

DC-3 vulnhub walkthrough

DC-2 vulnhub walkthrough

DC-1 vulnhub walkthrough


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